• Duration: Approx. 5 hours
  • Available in: English / German / French / Italian / Spanish / Greek
  • You will be picked up at a pre-designated place.
  • You need comfortable shoes, a hat and sunscreen protection.
  • Price: upon request – contact us.

Santorini is a magical island; whether you are visiting for the first time or you have been here before, whether you are to stay for a few days or only for a few hours, there is always a new place around the corner to discover.
Are you the type who likes to visit museums and archaeological sites? Do you fancy walking traditional villages, taking pictures of architectural masterpieces or do you prefer to take it easy? Shopping, or sipping coffee at a café right at the caldera? Swimming at the hot springs or going on a boat tour?
Whatever your choice, IdealSantorini offers some tours which cover the most important sights of the island. However, this is YOUR TOUR. You tell us what you want to visit and see and we will put it together according to your needs and interests. We will take you off the beaten track and help you feel like a local. This will be your own unique experience

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